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What is an Approved Supply List?
Limited Product Warranty
  Additional Product Information
Please contact Customer Service for availability of additional product information such as manuals and MSDS.

Request for Quote
If you’d like a formal product quote, please contact Customer Service.

Replacement Parts
For information and availability of replacement parts, please contact Customer Service.

Limited Product Warranty
Patterson Medical warrants that all products shall be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment. OTHER THAN THE FOREGOING WARRANTY, PATTERSON MEDICAL MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER MATTER RELATING TO THE PRODUCT. Customer must notify Patterson Medical of any manufacturing defect within five days of discovery of the defect. Upon a determination by Patterson Medical that the product is defective, Patterson Medical's sole and exclusive obligation shall be to provide customer with a replacement product or a full refund of the purchase price, at the sole discretion of Patterson Medical, and to reimburse customer for any return freight costs. In no event shall Patterson Medical be liable for any other costs or expenses including lost profits or direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages. In the event the product includes a warranty card or extended warranty from the manufacturer, customer's sole recourse under such warranty shall be against the manufacturer. The warranty set forth herein shall govern all purchases, notwithstanding any inconsistent terms and conditions of customer's purchase order.

Inventory Status
In Stock: Available at time of order placement. If an in-stock item becomes unavailable temporarily at time of shipment, this portion of your order will be put on backorder and ship when available.

Backorder: Item is temporarily out of stock. If added to your order, it will ship when available.

Partial Quantity Available: There are insufficient qtys. of this product in stock to fill your order requested qty. The available in-stock qty. will ship upon receipt of your order - the remaining qty. will be put on backorder and ship
when available.

Drop Ship: This Item Ships Directly from the factory and/or is made to order.

Non-Formulary - Not Orderable:  This product is not included on your facility's formulary contract.

Product Symbols
- For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

  - Caution Latex Warning. This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

- This item is considered dimensionally oversized parcel or requires drop shipment directly from the factory via truck.  Additional shipping charges will be calculated at time of order.

- This product has a Bariatric rating.

  – Hazardous Materials – this item is classified as hazardous materials.  Can ship ground only – restricted from air.  Additional shipping surcharge will be added at time of order.

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS Code)
Some items descriptions contain an HCPCS code.  These are suggested codes only. Patterson Medical cannot guarantee they are the most current and you are responsible for submitting the correct code. You should consult your coding guidelines for further recommendations.

How To Create a Supply List
You must be registered and logged in to create a Supply List in the “My Supply List” area of the website. There is no limit to the number of supply lists that can be created. Supply Lists are User ID specific; they cannot be shared with other users.

How To Add Items to a Supply List
Items can be added to a Supply List two ways.
  • From within the supply list by using item numbers with the quick add function.
  • From a product detail page by entering a “Qty” and choosing “Add to Supply List”.
Items found in a Supply List will display a symbol when viewing a product detail page.

What is an Approved Supply List?
If you're organization has designated an Order Approver for online orders, that user has the option of creating an Approved Supply List. Also see Online Order Approval.

An Approved Supply List will display in the My Supply List area of every account related user in addition to their regular supply lists they may have created. Only the designated Order Approver can edit the Approved Supply List.

The Approved Supply List can be used in two ways:
  • To communicate a list of items the Approver wishes other users to consider
  • To require order approval if items not found on the approved list are attempted to be ordered. See Order Approval Settings.

Items found in a Approved Supply List will display a symbol when viewing product detail page.