Sensory Motor
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Nine 9" diameter mirrors. The 34"square vinyl foam and acrylic mirror can sit on a table-top or mount on a wall. Mounting hardware not included. Shatterproof.
Adjustable acrylic mirror locks into any position for self-examination, catheterization, dental hygiene or speech therapy. Acrylic 8"-square mirror on a free-standing 8" x 9-1...

With a 5-mirror, pop-up play area, this compact 11" high pentagon unfolds into a miniature, kaleidoscope theater. Excellent for speech therapy, cognitive skills, and visual-pe...
Hardwood frame adjusts to any vertical angle/horizontal plane by repositioning mirror in frame supports. Shatterproof. Measures 15" x 57".

An effective adjunct to therapy when performing speech, feeding and communication activities. 28-1/4" x 28-1/4" square, including frame. Shatterproof.
Use to treat upper extremity pain and limited motion due to phantom limb, hemiparesis, arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome or following hand surgery. Helps enhance motor...