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Keeps battery use down.
Helps deter resident tampering with dual button reset, volume and delay switches inside battery compartment, and no on/off switch. Built-in Sentry pad cord strain relief. Low ...

Comes with clip for easy placement. 7.5 feet long with 1/4" mono jack.
Easily connects a monitor to your nurse call system. 8 feet long with 1/4" mono jacks. (Cable color may be white or gray)

Extra large 30" x 10" size helps limit false alarms. Made of a durable vinyl cover. Compatible with all UMP monitors.
15" x 7" pad made of a durable vinyl cover that is easy to clean. Compatible with all UMP monitors.

For 1/4" mono plugs. Allows the use of a push button call cord with monitor.
Easy to use, low cost, pull string monitor features no on/off switch and has a hi/low volume option. Monitor attaches to a bed or chair, and the “Safety Klip” is attached to t...

Flat pressure-sensitive surface provides restraint free method of alerting caregiver. Alarm sounds when weight is put onto mat. Durable vinyl mat measures 30" x 15". For use w...
Infrared technology monitors any movement from a bed. No cumbersome pads or cushions—the device works by emitting a harmless infrared signal that alerts the caretaker, either ...

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